About Us

ITi Africa is your Technology Partner on the continent

Africa is the new frontier. With a population at 1.2 billion and 60% below 25 years old, Africa is the world next source of skills and innovation. To gain on this demographic dividend, the continent has accelerated its growth through the digitalization of both its public and private sector.

We at ITi Africa (IT Intelligence Ltd) contribute to this growth by providing solution and services to digitize:

  • Governments
  • Large Organizations
  • Corporations

Our founder has 21 years of experience in the ICT field, working in various sectors in the design and implementation of:

  • IT infrastructure: National Fiber Backbones, Wireless Solutions, National Data Center, smart classrooms, etc ..)
  • E-Gov Services: National ID, Public Fund management system, E-Health, E-learning platforms and more
  • IT security
  • Deployment of BFSI solutions (Banking, Financial services and Insurance)
  • Automation of Enterprise solution (ERP/MIS)

Our Vision

Be central to Africa digitization, be part of Africa Innovation to the world

Our Mission

Be a technology partner to Governments, Large organizations and corporations through the offering cutting edge and cost-effective technology

Our Values

Excellence in design and delivery, cost effective solution, Made in Africa Innovation