Design of E-Government Application

We provide expertise to Government to develop technology-based policies/projects to accelerate development, innovation and economic growth.



Indeed, technology is a catalyst that enables:

  • Good Governance and Improved monitoring of policies implementation through Big Data, Analytics and Reporting
  • Improved delivery of services to population (Electronic National ID, E-Government, E-Tax,E-Land management, Safe city, smart City, etc ..)
  • Improved education through world class Digital Content, Online Continued Capacity Building of Teachers, Online project based learning, etc..

We specifically specialized in the design and implementation of strategic country projects such as: 


    • Policy and action plan development 
    • National ID systems
    • Automation of Government Service Provision 
    • Automation of Government Revenue collection and management 
    • Automation of Public Fund Management 

Business Process Analysis

All ICT projects aim at solving a problem. ITi Africa will help your organization fully understand the problem to be solved through a business process analysis. We will audit operations, resources and processes to fully identify the challenges and opportunities from which will derive opportunities for automation. This approach avoids white elephant or failed projects as it provides a systemic approach to identifying the root cause of the problem to be solved and the appropriate solution

Our Business Process Analysis will include a full review of:

  • The people
  • The processes
  • The operations
  • Existing system
  • Company culture

Solution Development

  • ITi Africa will leverage its vast experience to propose the right solution to your organization
  • The right solution is one that balances problem solving, effectiveness and change management strategy
  • ITi Africa will go the extra mile to deliver cutting edge solution to ensure minimal investment in future upgrades

Project Management


  • ITi Africa will ensure your IT Projects are delivered within the planned resources and in time. We coordinate resources and direct multidisciplinary groups to ensure team effort is applied efficiently to deliver your project.
  • We strongly believe in planning, communicating, reporting and monitoring.
  • Our experience in the successful delivery of IT projects will help you not only deliver the project but also help with the change management which is fundamental.
  • ITi Africa offers Agile Project Management for your strategic, urgent, sensitive project. We have experience in building the required SWAT team and WAR room to plan and asses daily progress to enable resource,

IT Infrastructure Services

  • We offer services for:
    • Network: Core Network, Transmission, User Access
    • Data Centers
    • Network Operating Center
    • Surveillance and Intelligent security solutions
    • Access Control
    • Fire alarm
  • Our Services cover
    • IT Infrastructure Design (Networks, Data Centers, Cloud Solutions)
    • Engineering Services for existing designs
    • Engineering Services for existing infrastructure

Annual Maintenance Services

    • Outsource part or all your IT support to us
    • Flexible payment method: Monthly or Yearly
    • Permanent on site support or support on demand

Software Development Services

    • We help you understand the software requirements to automate your process or service 
    • We help you define the profile of software skills you need and provide to you the staff
    • We project manage a team of developers to provide to you your platform on time and within budget

Cyber Security Services

    • We provide security audits including testing existing security solutions
    • Development and solution based on the security audits
    • Training of IT and Non-IT staff