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IT Infrastructure​

@ITi Africa will advise on the design and development of your IT infrastructure requirements. We handle both greenfield and existing projects. We use cutting edge technologies for innovative solutions to address current and future needs.

@ITi Africa we will design and implement your connectivity, hosting and security solutions through the deployment of: IT Network/Backbones, Data Centers, Cloud Solutions, Storage Solutions, Cable Based and Wireless Networks.

We also play and advisory role for existing infrastructure and propose upgrades, enhancements or adjustments based on your company vision and future growth

IT Security

Cyber Security is an essential component of your digital journey. @ITi Africa we ensure that security is at the core of all automation. Our review and solutions address cyber-attacks and data corruption/data losses. We ensure the security of your networks, hardware/software for a smooth automation of your company processes, operations and customer relationship management.

We @ITi Africa offer: IT audits and development of appropriate security strategies using the latest technologies 

Our certified team will provide cyber security solutions as well as offer constant monitoring: We propose Management Information System, Email and Web Security, End to End control and security service.

We will analyze and mitigate your data loss risk as well as provide a backup and disaster recovery strategy.


Automation is key for effective service provision as well as management.

ITi Africa offers consultancy and implementation for ERP/MIS deployment as well as the integration of customized software to ensure that your processes, operations and transaction are fully digitized.

Our engagement starts with a business process analysis. This enables a full understanding of your organization requirements, challenges and existing systems. We will then move into proposals for processes and operations automation, which will be reviewed by your team until we reach management approval. We will then agree on the most effective technology solution to address your technology needs.

We also offer DATA SERVICES to enable fact-based decision making for governments, large organizations and corporation: BIG DATA, DATA ANALYTICS and REPORTING, IOT and CUSTOMISZED REQUIREMENTS.



BFSI Solutions

The Banking Financial Services and Insurance is a strategic sector on the African continent. With an unbanked population close to 70%, technology is a key driver to close the gap and offer improved services to customers. ITi Africa proposes to contribute to financial Institutions digital transformation.

@ITi Africa BFSI solutions will help financial institutions win new customers, increase growth as well as offer superior customer experience through excellence in operations & risk management and regulatory compliance.

@ITi Africa offers various BFSI solutions.

    • E-Wallets (Payment Eco System)

We offer a Payment Eco-System that aggregates merchants and payment acquirers to create a unique convenient payment experience for customers from several issuing financial institutions: Telcom (Mobile Money), Local Banks debit cards, Bank to Bank, international VISA/MASTERCARD/ AMEX, etc.

    • Anti-Money Laundry/Anti-Fraud solutions

We enable Financial Regulators (National/Central Banks) and Financial Institutions with technology solutions to prevent and combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and other financial crimes.

Software Developement

Our objective is to deliver robust, scalable, innovative and quality solutions while adhering to strict deadlines. We offer a variety of services as listed below:

    • Offshore / Onsite Staffing
    • Web Development
    • Mobile / Tablet / Application development
    • Software Development/ Embedded Device / Wearables
    • QA & Software Testing
    • Graphic / Web Design / UI & UX Experts
    • Online Marketing SEO / SEM / SMO / PPC


We offer ELV Solutions and Service for new and existing building.

ELV covers all the new modern technologies that are increasingly becoming must-have systems in every building such as data network, CCTV, fire alarm systems, public address systems, audio/video solutions, access control and intrusion detection systems, home automation, and much more.

We offer:

    • Building Management Information System Design and Implementation
    • Surveillance and Public Security system
    • Smart Home / Office Automation
    • Hospitality System
    • Structure Cabling System (IT Infrastructure)

Smart City

A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.

ITi Africa provides technology and expertise to help you design your Smart City design and requirements as well as offer implementation strategies, funding and solutions.

ERS: Emergency Response System

We believe that the main component of a SMART CITY is a SAFE CITY. The ERS platform will improve the coordination of your emergency services, coordinating the efforts of the Police, Medical Services and Fire Brigade.  Our ERS solution is a Computer Aided Dispatch that enables:

  • Citizens to call for emergencies through voice/social media
  • Citizens to share pictures/videos/GIS location of incidents
  • Coordination of call management, dispatching of police/ambulances/fire brigade
  • Real time reporting and analytics of emergency incidents
  • E-learning platform to keep the police force trained
  • Human Resources/ Assets/ Fleet and fuel management